Changing the Field Names in Dynamic 365

Author: Avishek Poudel 

Let’s get in some technical specification of Dynamic 365. Here in this blog, we will discuss about “Changing the field names in Dynamic 365”. 

Field is the most common thing on CRM, everywhere you input anything in CRM is a field. You can input company name, may be leads or maybe opportunity is a field. You need to login in CRM with user privileges to configure field accessibility (i.e. system customizer or system admin).  After logging in, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 

 Step 1: Press the button marked beside Home to get other entities in your CRM

Step 2: Then go to setting entities and choose a Customization option in it. 

Step 3: Choose Customise the System option displayed in the screen. 

Step 4: You will get customization screen. Then choose Entities option and click on the button as shown below to open the Entities. This will list you all the entities present over your CRM. 

Step 5: You can change field name of every entities from here. For a sample lets change one of the field name in Account entities. For this you need to open the Account Entities as you opened the Entities. First click in button 1 in the figure below and then click button 2(Fields). You will see all the field present in the account entities. Double click on the field you want to change. 

Step 6:  After choosing the respective field you want to rename. You will see the screen as shown below. You will be able to see the display name field in the screen where you can input the respected field name.

Furthermore, Name field displays the system name of the respective field which cannot be edited. All the fields over the screen like data type, field type format and many others are seen over the screen according to the information provided while creating the field.  

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