Salesforce Overview

Salesforce Overview
  • Service

    A comprehensive platform to deliver personalized customer support via multiple channels and help your service representative be more proactive and productive.

  • Sales

    Provides CRM tools such as account and contact management, enhanced marketing tools, lead management, sales and analytics to help you grow your accounts, find new customers, and close deals faster.

  • Marketing

    Incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey across every touchpoint, with content creation, content management, and data analysis.

  • IoT

    Designed to collect, store and process massive volumes of data produced by devices, sensors, websites, applications to comprehend actions for real-time responses.

  • Platform

    Helps developers build flexible, robust, and scalable infrastructure to drive faster business results without needing to think about hardware and maintenance.

  • Analytics

    A cloud-based business intelligence platform to help businesses of all sizes to collect, analyse, and distribute critical business data.

  • Community

    Enables organisations of all sizes to build beautifully designed CRM-powered portals, forums, and sites to connect and facilitate communication with employees and customers.

How we help

Best-Fit Solutions

Best-Fit Solutions

We start by understanding your business, its objectives to help you design a CRM strategy to align people, process and technology. We provide a suite of end-to-end services to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your chosen solution.

Deep-Level Technology Expertise

Deep-Level Technology Expertise

As Salesforce partners and with Centres of Excellence focused on the different areas of the CRM stack, we design innovative solutions leveraging the latest product features.

Centres of Excellence Implementation Services
User At The Heart

User At The Heart

Its no point having an all singing, all dancing CRM if your users don’t understand the benefits. Our approach ensures your users are supported through your CRM journey and love the final outcome.

Change Management

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