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Financial Management

Basic General Ledger: This lets you set up a company, then allows you to start posting to the general ledger, chart of accounts, general journals, VAT facilities, recurring journals, and source codes. Bank account management: This allows you to create, operate, and manage multiple bank accounts to cater to your diverse business needs and across different currencies. Budgets: You can work with budgets in general ledger accounts. Reconciliation: You can reconcile your bank statement data automatically to open bank account ledger entries and keep track of all your bank statements. Deferrals: You can set deferral templates that automate the process of deferring revenues and expenses over a predefined schedule. Fixed assets: This allows you to keep track of your fixed assets and related transactions like acquisitions, depreciations, write-downs, appreciations, and disposals. Audit trails: This functionality automatically assigns your system to audit trails and post descriptions to every transaction. Users can also define reason codes to create complementary audit trails. Dimensions: You can add unlimited dimensions to any ledger for advanced transaction analyses. Currencies: You can manage multiple currencies throughout the system, including payables and receivables, general ledger reports, resource and inventory items, and bank accounts.

Customer Relational Management (Dynamics365 functionality)

Contact Management: This allows you to maintain an overview of your contacts and record your contact information for all business relationships. Campaigns: You can organise campaigns based on your contacts segments that you define. Opportunity management: You can keep track of sales opportunities, categorise your sales processes into different stages, and use this information to manage your sales opportunities. Dynamics 365 for Sales integration: If you want additional sales functionality, you can even integrate your Business Central with Dynamics 365 for Sales. This helps you synchronise your data, including sales orders, item availability, units of measure, and currencies. Outlook integration: You can integrate your Business Central system with Outlook. This functionality synchronises your to-do items and your contacts with your meetings, tasks, and contacts in Outlook.

Supply Chain Management

Sales order management: This function allows you to manage sales orders, blanket sales orders, and sales order processes. Receivables: You can post sales transactions in journals and manage receivables. Also using general journals, you can register customers and manage receivables. Item transfers: You can track inventory movement from one location to another and account for the value of inventory in transit at various locations. Locations: You can manage inventory in multiple locations that might represent a production plant, distribution centre, warehouse, showroom, retail outlet, or service car. Warehousing: You can manage items on a bin level. Pick and put away items in a bin and move items between bins by using a report that optimises space usage and picking processes.

Service Order Management

Service orders: You can register your after-sales issues like service requests, services due, service orders, and repair requests. Service price and item management: You can set up, maintain, and monitor your service prices. You can also keep track of all your service items, including contract information, component management, and BOM reference and warranty information. Service contract management: This allows you to record details on service levels, response times, and discount levels, and on the service history of each contract, including used service items and parts and labour hours. Planning and Dispatching: You can assign personnel to work orders, and log details such as work order handling and work order status. In addition, you can manage service personnel and field technician information, and filter according to availability, skills, and stock items.


Production orders: You can create and manage production orders and post consumption and output to the production orders. Version management: You can create and manage different versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings. Agile manufacturing: You can plan rush hours, make exceptions, and handle last-minute changes to your processes with multiple planning options. Supply planning: This allows you to plan for material requirements based on demand, with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning. Demand forecasting: You can plan and create production and purchase orders, taking into consideration the demand forecast together with the level of available inventory and parameters of requirement planning. Capacity planning: You can add capacities to the manufacturing process. Set up routings and use these routings on production orders and in material requirements planning. Machine centres: You can manage capacity on several levels: on a more detailed level for machine centres and on a consolidated level for work centres. Finite loading: You can take capacity constraints into account so that no more work is assigned to a work centre than the capacities can execute during a given time period.

Project management

Resource management: You can register and sell resources, combine related resources into one resource group, or track individual resources. Estimates: You can monitor your resource usage and get a complete overview of your capacity for each resource, with information about availability and planned costs on orders and quotations. Jobs: This functionality allows you to keep track of usage on jobs and data for invoicing the customer. You can also manage both fixed-price jobs and time-and-materials jobs. Time sheets: This functionality is a simple and flexible solution for time registration with manager approval, and integrates with Service, Jobs, and Basic Resources.

Features & Benefits

  • Make informed decisionsConnect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, stock and customer interactions to get an end-to-end view of your business. Chart financial performance in real-time with built-in Power BI dashboards.
  • Accelerate financial close and reporting Streamline accounts receivables and payables, and automatically reconcile accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately, while maintaining compliance.
  • Improve forecast accuracy Refine financial forecasts by modelling and analysing data across multiple dimensions. Customise reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.
  • Optimise stock levels Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish. Purchase only what you need with dynamically updated stock levels.
  • Maximise profitabilityGet recommendations on when to pay suppliers to use supplier discounts or avoid overdue penalties. Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases through approval workflows.

dynamics 365 business central implementation dynamics 365 business central partner

  • Deliver value at every touch pointPrioritise sales leads based on revenue potential. Keep track of all customer interactions and get guidance on best upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle.
  • Boost sales productivity Accelerate the quote to cash process. Act quickly on sales-related enquiries, manage service requests and process payments – all from within Outlook.
  • Deliver exceptional service Gain a comprehensive overview of your service tasks, workloads and employee skills to effectively assign resources and accelerate case resolution.
  • Stay on budgetCreate, manage and track customer projects using timesheets along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. Develop, modify and control budgets to ensure project profitability.
  • Plan with precision Manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales. Track invoicing for customers against planned costs on orders and quotes.
  • Analyse project performance Make effective decisions with real-time insight on project status, profitability and resource-usage metrics.
  • Manage forecasting to fulfilmentUse sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders.

microsoft dynamics 365 business central implementation dynamics 365 business central uk



One of the things we love most about Dynamics 365 is the value-add tools that are provided as part of most Dynamics 365 licenses or included with Office 365.



View your most critical business data through a single pane of glass, no matter where it lives or where you are. Create stunning real-time and interactive dashboards using natural English - so no need to rely on IT or build complex queries.

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Allow your customers, partners and employees to self-serve with beautiful web portals, fully integrated to CRM. And, best of all, a web portal is included within most Dynamics 365 subscriptions free of charge.



Make Office 365 and Dynamics 365 your own with powerful apps that span productivity and business data. Customize SharePoint Online, use PowerApps with Microsoft Teams and build apps on Dynamics 365.

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Adapt quickly
Dynamics 365's no-code visual editors support rapid deployment and makes it easy for your business to adapt quickly to new market opportunities.
Extend and connect
Dynamics 365 is highly extensible, helping you automate business processes across other Microsoft products and 100's of other third party systems for a unified experience.
Invest with confidence
Microsoft's cloud is one of the world's most trusted clouds. Reduce the cost and complexity of operating on-premises or hosted infrastructure by relying on state-of-the-art data centres to safeguard data.
Drive innovation
Microsoft's continual investment in Dynamics 365 and aggressive release cycle means you can be reassured of a future-proofed platform that allows you to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

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Best-Fit Solutions

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Deep-Level Technology Expertise

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User At The Heart

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