Dynamics 365 For Marketing

D365 Marketing Integration with LinkedIn

1. Import LinkedIn-generated leads into D365 Marketing

  • Typically, LinkedIn provides you with a list of users that filled in your lead-gen form and their responses. You then have to manually register these contacts as ‘leads’ in Dynamics 365.
  • But by integrating your LinkedIn account to Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can push these contacts into Dynamics 365 as ‘leads’.
  • Simply authorise Dynamics 365 Marketing to connect to your LinkedIn account which has access to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Then, you can bring leads and lead information generated from LinkedIn Lead Gen tools into Dynamics 365.
  • Gain insight into how people are interacting with your marketing initiatives using ‘Campaign Manager’. Evaluate campaign metrics (budget spent, leads generated, audience engagements) and download performance reports to improve your LinkedIn strategy.

Ad on account page with link to Lead Gen Form 

Submissions will be synched to D365M as leads 

New LinkedIn leads appear as LinkedIn Form Submissions in Dynamics 365

2.Create ‘LinkedIn matched audiences’ based upon Dynamics 365 Marketing segments

  • By combining LinkedIn data with your company’s data, you will be able to reach the right audience with the right campaigns.
  • Simply upload email addresses from your Dynamics 365 database and get matching profiles of LinkedIn users. You can then target your ads/communications to matched audiences.
  • Retarget your website visitors or leads who engaged with your video ads, Lead Gen Forms, and more. Engage with the visitors and leads even beyond LinkedIn through email campaigns.

LinkedIn Matched Audience tab 

LinkedIn Matched Audience tab 

Access matched audiences in Campaign Manager

3.Schedule & publish social media posts from D365 Marketing to LinkedIn

  • Easily schedule and publish social media posts directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing. You can link your Dynamics 365 Marketing to a variety of social media accounts including your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Craft an effective social media content strategy for your organisation/brand using Dynamics 365 Marketing. Curate and schedule your social media content from within the system.
  • Increase efficiency with a full view of your published and scheduled posts in a single interface.


Post updates directly from Dynamics 365 to LinkedIn

4.Nurture & engage your leads with customer journeys

  • Deliver value to your prospects at every touchpoint. Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to build customer journeys to constantly nurture your visitors and leads.
  • You can configure triggers at each stage in the customer journey to respond to your leads in time. For example, upon submitting the lead gen forms, your leads will automatically receive emails and follow-ups.
  • Get insight into lead interactions and campaign performance through powerful dashboards. Analyse results over time to strengthen your lead engagement activities.

Drag into the canvas from Customer Journey Toolbox and configure 

Use LinkedIn form submissions to trigger decision points in customer journeys 

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Adapt quickly
Dynamics 365's no-code visual editors support rapid deployment and makes it easy for your business to adapt quickly to new market opportunities.
Extend and connect
Dynamics 365 is highly extensible, helping you automate business processes across other Microsoft products and 100's of other third party systems for a unified experience.
Invest with confidence
Microsoft's cloud is one of the world's most trusted clouds. Reduce the cost and complexity of operating on-premises or hosted infrastructure by relying on state-of-the-art data centres to safeguard data.
Drive innovation
Microsoft's continual investment in Dynamics 365 and aggressive release cycle means you can be reassured of a future-proofed platform that allows you to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

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Best-Fit Solutions

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