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  • Rayleigh Instruments
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • Migration of an outdated on-premises system to a cutting-edge cloud Dynamics 365 solution
  • Provided a quoting solution with the ability to view stock levels through integration to their ERP system
  • Shortened the sales process by creating a device-agnostic solution for providing customer quotes whilst on client visits


  • Single view of customer and stock levels through integration to ERP system
  • Business processes and form fields etc. can be updated simply by administrator-trained users, without over-reliance on partner
  • Reduced cost of ownership by negating the need to maintain in-house infrastructure or rely on developers
  • Better visibility of the sales pipeline and sales teams’ activities
  • Shortened sales process through use of new quoting solution
  • Higher productivity rates due to Dynamics 365’s integration to Office 365, and AI powered relationship insights providing the sales teams with relevant information at the right time
  • Smooth migration from an outdated on-premises system to the cloud


Rayleigh Instruments were using an outdated on-premise ERP system which was integrated with Bolt CRM. Their system was ineffective due to its limited scope, roadmap, and support. There were visible

limitations in the system and the users were frustrated as they couldn’t access the information they needed whilst on the road. They were looking to migrate their IT business solutions to a leading platform which could meet their current and future requirements.

Rayleigh Instruments already had a strategy in place to migrate in the cloud and were looking for a secure online SaaS platform. When they talked with SeeLogic about their issues with their existing system, SeeLogic quickly understood the scope and helped them map their strategy. After carrying out a deep level of analysis, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was chosen as the preferred solution as it was the best fit for their project requirements and helped reap even more rewards from their existing Office 365 investment.

As the project kicked off, the initial goals were to migrate their sales and quoting to Microsoft Dynamics 365. The next steps were to include their orders, stock management and invoicing onto the same solution which would enable them to turn off their outdated on-premises deployment.

Within a short period of time, SeeLogic helped Rayleigh Instruments meet the business requirements of migrating their outdated on-premise system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud. SeeLogic were also able to provide a quoting solution that integrated with their existing on-premise tools which helped them in their transition to the cloud.

Key Takeaways

With Dynamics 365 cloud implemented, Rayleigh Instruments now has a future-proof, flexible and scalable platform to help support future growth. The SaaS licensing has also helped reduce the total cost of ownership since there is no longer any hardware to maintain and most updates can be made by Rayleigh system administrators, rather than having to rely on developers as they did before. SeeLogic also developed a device-agnostic solution for customers’ quoting that resulted in shortening the sales process. The Sales and quotation migration to the cloud has increased data accuracy and reduced the risk of errors as well as training costs for new members of staff.

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