Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to run your entire business with a single solution. Outgrow your basic accounting software or legacy ERP to get more insights into the finance and operations of your business. Dynamics 365 Business Central overview, benefits and features:
Part of Microsoft 365

Part of Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365)

Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to run your entire business using a single solution. If you have outgrown your basic accounting software or have a legacy ERP system, Business Central is the obvious choice enabling you to get more insights into the finance and operations of your business.

Easy Scalability and Affordability

Easy Scalability and Affordability

Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud allows you to work on any device from any location, add or remove users and modules as your business grows. Pay monthly license fees and avoid high software investment costs. You also get the added advantage of storing your progress in the cloud.

Easy Upgrade to Customer and Sales Module

Easy Upgrade to Customer and Sales Module

Easily upgrade BC license to customer and sales module for just additional £20 a month. Integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 which can feed insights into business central.

BC App Store

BC App Store

Improve productivity with over 1000 apps in BC App store with apps for finance, manufacturing, eCommerce, HR, and numerous other industries

Product Feature Comparison

Dynamic 365 Business Central's pricing is extremely affordable and you get a variety of features as compared to its competitors. You can get the detailed pricing comparison here.

Feature Comparison Chart

BUSINESS CENTRAL Vs Competition Chart

Quick-Start Package

Our quick-start package includes the following services:


System Configuration

Configuration of standard modules tailored to your business


Data Migration

Data migration from current system to Business Central



Standard template with company branding for invoices and POS.



Standard training video to get your team up and running


Management Reporting

Set-up of standard dashboard for quick business health overview

Cost Calculator (Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Cost)

BC Calculator

Customise your package to suit your business requirements. Ready to implement Business Central?


Special Financing Offer

during this COVID-19 period
Spread the cost of the quick start implementation over 12 months with 0% APR.

Protect your cashflow in uncertain times with our support.


Q: How much of my time is it going to take?

A: SeeLogic has streamlined the implementation process, helping you to get up and running with Business Central in as little time as possible. This includes a remote pre-scoping survey, allowing you to provide us with the required information at a time that is convenient to you.’ Scoping is then completed remotely with one of our experienced consultants, after which the data migration will be completed (if applicable). In total, the implementation should not take up more than 6-7 hours of your time.

Q: Will the migration impact my current business operations?

A: The migration will not affect your business in any way. You will continue using the old system until the new one is ready. We will take care of data ETL, and once the new system is ready, you can start using it.

Q: Will all my data and historical entries remain intact?

A: All your reports will be imported and you can start afresh. If you want all past entries, we can do that for an additional cost of £2,500. We will do all the data migration for you, so all the records remain intact.

Extending BC

To help your team further boost productivity, SeeLogic has developed these PowerApps to streamline day-to-day tasks.

Easy Upgrade to Customer and Sales Module

Budget Approval App

Typically, in many industries, sales quotation or orders are altered frequently wherein salesperson cannot edit the order once entered into the system. The Budget Approval app allows salespersons to seamlessly edit the order to adjust the quantity, price change, or discounts, which then directly syncs up with Business Central.

Easy Upgrade to Customer and Sales Module

Purchase Order App

Getting approvals can be tedious process in a large organization, especially when multiple tiers of approvals are set in place. We can help ease the process by creating an app that simplifies the approval process, and bring together all approvals, supporting documents, invoices, and reviews in one central place.

Why us?

More than a decade of experience in tailoring the best in ERP solutions to clients across various industries.

  • More than a decade of experience in tailoring the best in ERP solutions to clients across various industries, we have performed numerous Business Central implementation projects.
  • We live and breathe ERP technologies and leverage our ‘Centres of Excellence’ to design future-proof solutions that encompass the latest product features
  • We provide in-person, online, and walkthrough training to ensure high user adoption and efficient use of the system

What our clients say

“ Flexible; didn't force us to choose, and suggested a solution and an approach that was right for us based on our experience level.”

Get up and running with Business Central

Complete the enquiry form below or call us on 01296 328689 to speak to an expert and find out how our quick start packages can get you up and running with BC in no time.

Chandra Prakash J. Bohara - ACCA, B. Sc. (Hons), MCP, MS
  • Chandra Prakash J. Bohara
  • Business Central Lead Consultant
  • Worked as CA for over 12 Years
  • Consulted and worked on over 80 projects across different industries
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