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Scribe Online Overview

Scribe software is a frontrunner in data migration and integration capability. In a previous blog entitled “Scribe Insight Software for data migration and integration” I provided an overview of the on-premise version of Scribe software and a great video also gives some good detail of how the software looks and functions. There’s also more information on Scribe on our website.

Scribe software is also available as a cloud application, aptly titled Scribe Online along with the usual software as a service monthly pricing to go with it. Scribe software Online provides two main areas of functionality:

Replication Service (RS)

Scribe Online RS replicates your CRM data, whether Microsoft Dynamics or, to a SQL database – allowing you to take control of your data in the way you need it, when you want it. Secure and fast, you can replicate your CRM data anywhere your SQL Server is located – cloud, hosted or on premise.

Synchronisation Service (SYS)

Scribe Online Synchronization Services delivers seamless and secure synchronization of your CRM application data with critical business applications such as billing, ERP, sales and marketing. Updates to customer information are captured and reflected in both the CRM system and the corresponding back-end systems, ensuring the information is always current and accurate across the organization. Better information results in better decisions.

Take a look at the video below or visit the Scribe Online website for more info. Then contact SeeLogic to see how we can help with your data integration requirements.

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