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Acting Responsibly. Thinking Sustainability

Our digital-first business model and cloud-based services manifest the vision of creating a low carbon and sustainable world leveraging technology, automation, and innovation.

For Dogma, Sustainability just makes sense. Education, equality and decent work opportunities are part of our culture, and climate action is good economics. Supporting the Goals is adding an additional element of focus and drive for the team.

Phil Prince Managing Director

Dogma’s Sustainability Commitments

Dogma Group has committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, targeting the four goals where we can have a direct impact with definitive, science-based targets and action plans.

Sustainability - Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our Approach

We are committed to acting responsibly by integrating sustainability into every step of the business, including clients, solutions, and the entire supply chain.

  • Social Impact

    Assess and monitor the impact on all our stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, local communities, investors, partners, and shareholders).

  • Sustainable Supply Chain

    Collaborate with our software partners, (Microsoft, Sage, and Salesforce), suppliers, vendors and clients to ensure we all are doing what we can do to facilitate, deliver, and support a sustainable supply chain.

  • Sustainable Solution Implementation

    Design and deliver sustainable products and solution implementation strategies to assist all our clients (new and existing) in their own sustainability path.


“We aim to establish credible Net Zero Plans by the end of 2022”

Our Goals and Targets

Making an Impact


Female Employees

Gender Balanced Workforce

Goal 5: Pursuing Gender Equality in the Workplace

With over 35% of female representatives (25% globally) challenging the norms and equal participation in senior, mid-management, and technical roles, we are fully committed to creating an atmosphere that allows women to have a strong voice, and limitless opportunities to reach their full potential.

Seelogic | Sustainability -Happy Women's Day
Sustainability Group Photos


Increase in employees from different parts of the world

Goal 8: We are Diverse. We are Growing

As a true advocate of inclusiveness and workplace diversity, we have 150+ employees and counting, hand-picked from around the world, with our unbiased approach. We believe diverse teams can achieve milestones and push boundaries to impossible extents.


STEM Training and workshops

Goal 4: Quality Education and Trainings

Committing to our targets, our COEs (Centers of Excellence) have been dedicating 6hrs weekly to support aspiring students and tech enthusiasts via – career fairs, hackathons, mentorship programs and more.

Workshop on International Marketing Techniques

An eventful yet insightful workshop on Digital Marketing and International Marketing Techniques.
Our Marketing experts, Pranisha Shrestha (Head of Marketing-Ops) and Insha Malla (Head of Marketing- Strategy) gave a workshop on “How to Influence International Market?” among the MBA students.

Seelogic | Sustainability - Pranisha Shrestha Presentation
Seelogic | Sustainability - Classroom

Nepal Cloud Summit 2022

Our esteemed colleagues from different departments, Aditi Gajurel, AI Engineer, Sanjit Poudyal, Sr. Business Analyst and Aashish Baral, Lead Technical Consultant gave an insightful learning session on Azure Cloud Services amongst the top cloud leaders.

Cloud Meet up
Cloud leaders


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